About Us

Blue Diamond Daiwabo Hi. I'm Kim Templin, designer of the Double Diamond Ruler™. Everybody asks me, "How did you come up with the idea to make these quilting rulers?" Well, here's the scoop: several years ago I made a vest using Cherrywood fabric... I love that rich, saturated, suede look, don't you? The pattern I used had this great diamond-shaped embellishment. But in order to make the diamonds, you had to draw the pattern onto fusible interfacing, iron it onto the fabric, then clip the drawn lines with scissors. The results were great, but the process was kind of cumbersome. (Kudos to Linda Bealmer of Sew Mini Pieces for designing the Fancy Fold Vest pattern. It's a classic.)

Then about a year ago I decided to make a quilt using Daiwabo fabric...I love those Japanese taupes...using a pattern from the book " French Braid Quilts" by Jane Hardy Miller. The accent blocks down the center of the braids made me think of diamonds, which, in turn, made me think of those cool dimensional diamonds I had put on that vest a while back. Inspiration! I decided to see if I could somehow put diamonds in the border of this quilt.

I have a degree in Mathematics, so I'm not afraid of a little geometry. I was able to draft a pattern for making 3½" diamonds and I used it to make my very first "Double Diamonds" on the border of my quilt. The results were stunning! In the picture on this page, I'm standing in front of that quilt which I call my "Blue Diamond Daiwabo." There's also a close-up shot of the diamonds on the border. Check it out.

The quilt got rave reviews at quilt shows and among my quilting friends. (Hello Free Spirit Quilt Guild, Monday Night Friends and Tuesday Girls!) I thought to myself, "I love these diamonds. I just wish there were an easier way to make them. Someone ought to invent a quilting template." Hmmm I said to myself. I'm someone. I wonder if I could do it.

Well, just how do you get started on an enterprise like this? Fortunately, I happen to be married to Marc Templin, an incredibly savvy businessman. Marc owns an Internet business, Bright Settings, and also sits on a few economic development boards in northwestern Pennsylvania. After hearing about my idea, he did extensive research into how rulers are manufactured and what materials are used. He conferred and deliberated with many firms and engineers until we had an awesome new product and a brand new business, Bright Quilting Notions.

This experience has been extraordinarily interesting, challenging, and at times, a little frustrating. I'm a former high-school math teacher. What do I know about trademarks, patents, manufacturers, printers, and packaging companies? Luckily, these folks were thrilled to have a new client. We all worked together successfully to get this quilting ruler idea from my head to your sewing room.

Since receiving the first prototypes of the rulers, I've been obsessed with "Double Diamonds" (or Double D's as my busty friend calls them;-) I keep thinking of new ways to use them. I never really considered myself as being very creative; I usually just followed other people's patterns. But now I've got the designing bug and I'm having a blast! I've found so many ways and places to use Double Diamonds. My sewing room is full of projects. Unfortunately, my house is full of dust bunnies. Housework cuts into my designing time, so something has to go!

I hope that you have as much fun with Double Diamonds as I do. For inspiration or advice, check out the other pages on this website. If you come up with a good idea, email me or send a picture. I'd love to hear from you.
Blue Daiwabo Closeup